36 years
in practice

Children’s health is incomparably better today than 50 or even 20 years ago. However with the health service reaching crisis point, what does this mean for the future?


Speaking out for children – where to now?

Budget slashing – it is time to speak against the cuts

A year-by-year pictorial presentation of Sir Al’s work as England’s first Children’s Commissioner

Budget slashing – it is time to speak against the cuts


Children’s health services are the Cinderella specialty – but Cinderella has never been to the ball! Sir Ian Kennedy

Advances in medical sciences have led to new methods of diagnosing and treating many hitherto incurable diseases with improved outcomes for so many children. Effective public health measures, especially immunisation, prevent devastating illnesses including poliomyelitis and tuberculosis as well as the infectious illness of childhood.

However, new health challenges have appeared including the survival of increasing numbers of premature infants with consequent demands on health, social care and education services because of disabilities as a result of brain damage to the immature brain. The scourges of ‘societal’ conditions especially obesity and the soaring rates of emotional and mental ill health are developing in front of our eyes.

The ‘exam questions’ are why is this the case, and what’s to be done?